Big. Fat. Donuts.


1503 S 1st St
Austin, TX 78704

I’ll admit it. Before I knew any better, I spent quite a bit of time pronouncing Gourdough’s as “gowerdoughs”. You know, like sourdough. Turns out I was way wrong as it’s actually “gordos”,  which is Spanish for  “fat”. How apropos!

Working out of a gleaming airstream trailer, Gourdough’s are purveyors of fried-to-order donuts with unusual and creative flavour combinations.

The donuts are larger than you’d expect, and feature toppings such as two kinds of bacon, fried chicken, gummy snakes and crunchy cereal pieces. They’re really more of a full service dessert than just a sweet snack. How many other donuts do you know that are served with a fork?

I’ve heard theories that they actually use biscuit mix instead of regular donut batter, but whatever they use, it’s working. The donut is spongey, flakey and more reminiscent of actual fried dough than a crumbly/dry cake donut. I have a theory that they’re twice fried, like good potato fries should be. The donuts have a spectacular crunchy and crispy crust but the interior is still moist and tender.

The point is, they are freakin delicious, addictive and everything you would hope fried sweet dough would be. And maybe a lil’ more.

I’ve really only been here after already eating dinner, so I’m partial to the less extreme Miss Shortcake, which has a cream cheese glaze and fresh strawberries. I’m going to make the effort to come back and try the Flying Pig (bacon & maple syrup).

Summer chose the Cherry Bombs; a pile of donut holes topped with glazed cherries, cinnamon sugar and cake mix topping.

Cole manned up and ordered one of the meat topped donuts, the Mother Clucker. An intimidating beast of a dish, it comes topped with strips of fried chicken and drizzled with honey butter. Behold:

Gourdough’s are also very in tune with their target market, and their opening hours reflect this. Open till at least midnight on most nights, they keep the fryers on until 3am on Friday and Saturday. Perfect for an after dinner dessert option, or even a “kicked out of the bar at 2.30 and dont wanna go home” solution.

Perhaps these are the perfect replacement for the now extinct post-drinking cheesecake milkshake?

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Posted on Apr 18, 2011


  1. B'tronix says:

    They look terrible and awesome all at the same time.

  2. Odo says:

    You have to try the Mother Clucker is disgustingly beautiful… I would have never guessed that a donut with fried chicken and honey butter tastes so good.

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