A magnificent breakfast of leftovers

Sometime’s when you cook up an entire brisket for not that many people, you inevitably end up with leftovers no matter how many strong eaters were at your table.

The idea for this delicious concoction actually came to me the day prior (so technically, the day before the brisket became a leftover?)- does it make me an extra fatty if I get excited about the next meal while I’m still eating the current one?

Check it out, it’s crazy simple but undeniably nom.

1. Heat skillet. You need to do this in an awesome cast iron skillet, seasoned with years of previous grease. Luckily, Housemate Emily allowed me to use hers. I actually put a teeny piece of brisket fat at the bottom to render, in addition to a spray of cooking oil.

beautiful black skillet

2. Crack yourself an egg (or two if you’re an extra hungry monkey) in the pan and let that sucker fry.

fry, baby, fry!

3. Grab some leftover cream corn – it’ll need warming after being in the fridge. Scoop a few spoonfuls into the pan. Shred some of the leftover brisket into the rest of the pan.

adding in the awesome

4. Flip your egg (because I’m an over easy girl), and mix the corn and brisket together to keep warming.

5. Cook just a minute or so longer then scoop out the whole sweet/savoury pile onto a plate. BBQ sauce optional.


And that’s it! Sure, it’s not the prettiest looking dish, but your tastebuds don’t care how it looks.

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Posted on Sep 12, 2011


  1. Mez says:

    Not pretty, but I’d eat it!!!

  2. Dr Charles Winston says:

    It’s my professional medical opinion that you need to make this for my hangover on Sunday.

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