Yo Mama’s so delicious….

Yo Mama’s Bar & Grill

727 St Peter St
New Orleans, LA 70116

Well, it happened. I finally used the expression “I think that was the best burger I’ve ever eaten”.

Generally, eating burgers is not a priority on people’s “must consume” lists while in New Orleans. There’s such a colossal variety of city-specific cuisine (eg Jambalaya, Gumbo, Po Boys, Red Beans & Rice, Etouffee, Remoulade, Blackened Redfish etc) to try, that you generally run out of available meal opportunities to eat anything else.

Yo Mama’s occupies a fairly standard and unassuming NOLA bar space, close enough to stumble into from Bourbon St without losing your buzz. We happened to go on the night of the first Saints pre-season game, where every single person in the city was wearing a Drew Brees jersey.

I started by ordering the Bloody Mary (quelle surprise) which was fine, but sitting on the spicy side. It was also pretty stingy on the garnish, but heavy on the booze. Maybe that evens it out?

All in all, it wasn’t a brilliant move on my part. The spicy Mary didn’t really go well with my choice of meal, and a beer would have been a much smarter and more refreshing option.

Perusing the menu was unnecessary as there was only one thing I had in mind to order, but it couldn’t hurt to see what else was on offer. I did enjoy a light chuckle at their description of the veggie burger – perhaps a slogan that the boys at The Burger Adventure could use on their next t-shirt?

 All of the burgers at Yo Mama’s are a half-pound of seasoned meat patty served standard with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and mayo. In my case, the mayo was omitted (because it’s ick). My burger of choice also featured peanut butter and bacon in addition to the standards. I was interested to see how it would be served, and if it would in fact work as more than just a fattening concept.

The burger was served open face, which was brilliant. The visual impact was far stronger and I was immediately wowed by an entire patty dripping with a warm layer of peanut butter, sprinkled with crispy bacon pieces.  Props to the chef for using pieces instead of rashers – it means you don’t have to wrestle with an elastic piece of fat as you take each bite.

The salty, savoury notes of the peanut butter work in complete harmony with the crispy bacon and “umami” patty. Each bite is also texturally amazing, with the melted warm peanut butter leaving that glorious sticky coating on the roof of your mouth. I couldn’t tell you for sure if the patty was well cooked, or even well seasoned for that matter, the flavour combination is so intense that any subtleties are lost. So, I’m not sure if this is the best prepared burger I’ve ever had, but it’s certainly the best combination of ingredients within a bun I’ve ever consumed.

Put it this way, I was supposed to share this burger with my dining companions and, aside from giving them a taste, I ate the whole thing to myself.

If the peanut butter bacon burger is not epic enough for you animals, you can also upgrade to their ONE POUND patty. Like a boss.

Bonus points to the cheeky “your mama” jokes at the bottom of each cheque:

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Posted on Oct 6, 2011


  1. Cole says:

    I want one of those so bad!

  2. The wife and I have been all over New Orleans on our quest to find the best burger and haven’t yet made it over to Yo Mama’s. Need to try! Love your site by the way!!



  3. Love your blog! Great photos and I love your commentary. You are documenting some amazing adventures. I need to get out more!

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