Walk On’s Bistreaux & Bar

2336 Kaliste Saloom Rd
Lafayette, LA 70508


Wanna see me link a blog post to a current sports event in 5 degrees?

– I’m from Melbourne, Australia

– Brad Wing is the kicker for LSU, who are about to play in the Championship game of their as yet undefeated season. He is also from Melbourne, Australia.

– Brad plays alongside cornerback Tyrann Matthieu, whom has been nicknamed “the honey badger” because he takes what he wants.

– Walk On’s are a sports bar with locations in Baton Rouge, Lafayette and New Orleans, and are a big LSU hangout. They are currently serving a drink named after Matthieu called The Honey Badger – a shot of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Whiskey dropped into a glass of Tin Roof Brewing beer – the officially licensed beer of LSU.


I’ve eaten burgers at Walk On’s… and they were GREAT!

The impressive part of the burgers at Walk On’s is that they arrive at the table looking spectacular, and actually live up to their appearance. So often the super tall tower burgers leave much to be desired, but these babies squash down to a nice manageable size. Behold:

Hickory Bacon Cheddar Burger - $9.49


This sensational burger features a half pound fresh beef pattie topped with BBQ sauce, applewood smoked bacon, fried onion strings & shredded Cheddar cheese. Yes. Please. More. Please. Thank. You. The burger was charred to perfection, still medium rare in the middle. Crisp, salty bacon complimented the tangy sweet BBQ sauce and the onion strings were an epic triumph of deep fried ingenuity. Honestly, this truly did squash down to a reasonable size to handle.

Let’s not forget the fries. Waffle fries, if you don’t mind! Walk On’s do get bonus points for actually leaving these relatively thick cut fries in the fryer long enough to crisp up properly. The extra surface area created by the cut again leads to more opportunity for the hot oil to do it’s thang.

Against my advice, my homeboy SC decided to order the stuffed burger – Applewood smoked bacon, Provolone cheese, mushrooms & onion, sautéed down & STUFFED inside a  3/4 lb. pattie. Now, I know a thing or two about hamburgers and in my experience (like for example my meal at Your Mom’s Burger Bar) stuffed patties just don’t work. It’s almost impossible to cook the burger the whole way through without having the filling explode everywhere and so you usually end up with a pattie that is completely raw in the middle.

Yes, I told SC about this before he ordered, but of course he didnt listen. This is what he got:

Stuffed burger - $10.99

Naturally, I was of course right and thus he ended up eating the rest of my burger and leaving his own. Pfft, burger freshman.

Don’t let this one faux pas deter you – the burgers here are legit. I for one intend to go back and try their “Black & Bleu” burger – blackened pattie with bleu cheese crumbles.

 If you are super hungry and have the room, I also recommend the boudin balls.

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Posted on Jan 8, 2012

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