BACON! (the restaurant)


900 W 10th St
Austin, TX 78703


Restaurant marketing 101:

  • identify current food trend (bacon)
  • base entire restaurant menu around this singular food trend (bacon)
  • name restaurant after food trend (Bacon)

Seems easy enough. Bacon (the restaurant) experienced quite a bit of backlash when they first hoisted up banners saying “opening soon!”. Cries of “pfft! Don’t they know bacon is sooooo 2010?” were heard, along with other sentiments all generally agreeing that the bacon trend was over and done with. Here’s the factor people underestimated: bacon is delicious. And generally foods that are delicious never really lose popularity. Like cupcakes.

And of course since actually opening to trade, Bacon has enjoyed a steady stream of patrons through their doors. Which, incidentally, are of course adorned with novelty door handles in the shape of bacon rashers:

I visited this shrine to salty, crispy goodness with Austin based Aussie, Rachel, who is a massive fan of all meats originating from a pig. I had always assumed it was a lunch/dinner restaurant but they are actually only open during the daytime, serving up a huge variety of breakfast tacos and other fun morning treats like bacon waffles, french toast with bacon and biscuits & bacon gravy.

Bacon also offer several types of bacon, including regular crispy, Canadian and a house specialty thick cut. And just in case you don’t feel that their bacon-crammed menu contains enough porcine goodness, they also sell bacon by the slice as a side dish. Nice work, kids.

We started by sharing an order of bacon fries. Literally, it was a bowl of crispy fries with cheese so overcooked that it bonded the fries into chunky bundles which could only be picked apart with the assistance of a knife and a firm stabbing action. Then there was some bacon thrown over the top, a squeeze of sour cream and some chives.

Keeping things simple is a fine concept, but I was pretty dismayed by how basic this was. The bacon fries really did feel like a lazy excuse to add another dish to the menu, like the chefs had run out of innovative steam. I expect a little more thought about actually incorporating the bacon into the dish, not just throwing it on top. Look, bacon is awesome, but it’s also not a magical cure all. If you’re going to open an entire restaurant dedicated to one ingredient, get creative. How about blitzing the bacon into a powder and actually working on a way to have it coat each fry? Like a seasoning? Just sayin.

Rachel chose the Chicken BLT – and she was pretty dang happy with her decision. As you can see, it features a seared chicken breast, fresh lettuce and tomato and Rae chose the thick cut house bacon. It was nice to see such a generous serve of bacon in an already large sandwich.

I settled on the Double Grind burger:

A house made patty featuring a blend of both steak and bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles. As usual, hold the mayo. Yes, this means there is bacon ground up inside the burger. I also chose to add actual rashers and cheese as optional extras (total $13.45).  Ok, this is a decent burger people. Generous, filling and serious dude food. Yes, I enjoyed it. I think ordering the extra bacon was imperative – while the patty does have a smoky flavour, you can’t exactly taste the minced bacon in it (and unfortunately it tended to make it a little dry too). But if you’re a bacon fan to start with, you obviously would have ordered extra, right?

Bacon is definitely worth a visit, and makes for a fun lunchtime feed. I hope in future they get a little more inventive with some of the menu items. You won’t have to twist my arm to get me to go back and try those bacon waffles though…

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Posted on May 22, 2012

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