Season(ed) greetings

Ahhh Christmas. I don’t know if I’d call it the most wonderful time of the year. That’s reserved for the beginning of football season (gridiron not AFL). But, it is time yet again for my (not at all famous) Christmas gift guide.

Whether you are treating yourself, choosing something special for your someone special or just sick of buying gift cards as presents, hopefully you’ll find something in my carefully curated list below that might take your fancy!

For the record, I haven’t been paid or asked to endorse any of the products below, I just think they’re super cool.

Texas chopping board

 Also available in other state shapes, but I’m a sucker for this silhouette.

Carnivore magnet set

Made even grander by bottle top surrounds, these magnets will give people a great idea of what to expect in your fridge.

Set of 5 biscuit cutters

Never miss out on the perfect biscuit size with a set of 5 cutters. Then you can use them with my biscuit recipe.

Saints wreath

Freaking LOVE this! A wreath in the colours of your favourite football team? It’s a WHODAT Xmas baby!

slicing knife

 Whilst great chef’s knives are usually very expensive indeed, you may be surprised to know that the ideal knife for slicing through tender brisket and ribs costs under twenty bucks. It’s the simple things…

Acme poster

A poster featuring the entire collection of Wile. E. Coyote’s Acme products!

Shotgun shell thermos

Featuring the King Ranch brand, this thermos will instantly render any soup or chowder 30% tougher.

edible beef straws

Don’t be left longing for a meatier aftertaste the next time you drink a bloody mary – these hollow meat sticks are the most delicious straws of all.

Anderson Design Group prints

I think these might be my favorite out of this year’s offerings. I just adore these fabulous vintage-themed posters and with so many different ranges, including world cities, I’m having trouble choosing between them!

Beer holster

There are many versions of this super awesome item floating around online, but let me assure you that the cheap ones will look terrible and are probably not even designed well enough to actually hold your beer in place. This Brew Holster Cult item is not only robust and high quality, but it’s also fully customisable.  Super handy for hands-free barbecuing!

Cafe Reconcile

In keeping with the spirit of the season, I do like to recommend something that gives back to others. In this case, it’s a donation to Cafe Reconcile. The cafe is run as a training facility/school, teaching hospitality skills to poor, troubled and underprivileged youth in the city of New Orleans. If you can’t donate, perhaps consider supporting by eating at the cafe the next time you’re there.

Falls Mill grits

Not all grits are created equally. And these Falls Mill grits are stone ground in Tennessee in a mill built in 1873- the original water wheel still powers the stone! I recently tried these grits for the first time, made with cream and clarified butter fat, and they were undoubtedly the best I’ve ever had. Bonus points for supporting a small family business.

Willie Nelson’s new memoir

Feel like giving something with a lil more substance? How about the gift of literature?! Try the newly released memoir from one of the most iconic figures in country music, Willie Nelson. Music aside, I’d bet this is an interesting read, and I’ll be downloading it to the ol’ Kindle myself!

Burger ornament

 Move aside, traditional ornaments! Who wouldn’t want this adorable burger hanging from their tree?!

So after perusing the options, which one do YOU want the jolly fat man to bring you for Christmas?!

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Posted on Dec 6, 2012


  1. BBQforChrist says:

    Excellent recap of outstanding gifts. It gets the creativ juices flowing. Dennis

  2. So many great gifts!! :) I’d like the Saints wreath and the hamburger ornament best! I actually saw a po boy ornament today. adorable!

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