La Petite Grocery

La Petite Grocery

4238 Magazine St
New Orleans, LA 70115


I’ve really been looking forward to writing up this meal. On a few visits to New Orleans, I had intended to eat at La Petite Grocery and missed out, not so this time. Actually, it was a bit of an all-star lunch table, as I was dining with my tres incredible BFF Gala, Ms NOLA Food Goddess Lorin, and Mr Bob from Orleans Coffee Exchange. Chef Justin Deviller even popped out from the kitchen to day hello. Yeah, it’s certainly a food centric town, and I felt a little bit like royalty!

LPG takes it name from the original business established on the same site in the late 1800s, a grocery store specialising in tea, coffee and butter. I adore that they have taken the time to research and honor the building and it’s previous inhabitants, and you can read more about the history of the site here.

Chef Justin brings traditional comfort and Louisiana foods together with exceptional local produce, and then elevates the dishes to a refined and sophisticated level. It’s precisely the type of food I would want to eat in a finer dining establishment. Approachable but exceptional, served in a gorgeous dining room with luxurious details.

 And so to our lunch:

Amuse-bouche, compliments of the kitchen. Apple, shallot and blue cheese.


Blue crab beignets with spicy remoulade


Interior of the delicate crab beignets.


Fried Black Drum with pickled red onions, tartar on brioche.


Special of the day – Reuben sandwich


Paneéd rabbit with pimento cheese and grilled onions.


The money shot – the LPG signature cheeseburger with home-made pickles, onion marmalade, whole grain mustard & gruyere on soft bun.


Phew! I know it seems like they are all just glorified sandwiches and fries, but every single diner was thrilled with their dish, and the flavours and execution were bang on. If you go for dinner instead of lunch, you’ll find more substantial and “grown up” dishes on offer.

We also happened to be there on National Butterscotch Pudding Day. So in addition to our two incredible desserts, the extremely talented Bronwen Wyatt (pastry chef) insisted we also try her butterscotch pudding, served in a mason jar!

Chocolate souffle with fig leaf ice cream. (I should point out im 95% sure that’s what this was, but I was enjoying it too much to take notes!)

Seasonal sweet potato pie for fall with salted caramel

Butterscotch pudding

All the menus are seasonal and right now they have a Meyer lemon semifreddo on there that I am dying to try. I’d imagine it would be like an uber-refined lemon meringue pie.

La Petite Grocery nestles itself in perfectly between the casual eateries of the city, and the full blown formal dining rooms, filling an important niche.

If you dine at LPG (and I highly recommend you do), you have to try the shrimp & grits with shiitake mushrooms, smoked bacon & thyme, and then tell me how it was. I’m gunna try it next time I go.

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Posted on Jan 13, 2013


  1. I haven’t been to La Petite Grocery in years but need to go back. Your meal looked amazing! :)

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