Max’s Wine DIve

Max’s Wine Dive

207 San Jacinto Blvd
Austin, TX 78701


Let’s tick off the major strengths of Max’s Wine Dive, shall we?

– Despite having multiple locations and effectively being a “chain”, they proudly support local producers and farmers in each local region. -TICK!

– The menu is divided into a range of different plate sizes and options, from share plates, skillets, jars, to bar snacks to full meals. So it will work no matter what your appetite, and also allows you the opportunity to share with friends and TRY ALL THE THINGS! -TICK!

– Their catchprase slogan is as follows:

Champagne and fried chicken? -MASSIVE TICK!!!

Max’s offer classic American food that has been re-imagined by very talented chefs, and matched with a huge wine list. You can expect dishes like Blue Cheese Fondue (with wild mushroom & figs), Fried Egg Sandwich (with black truffle aioli and applewood smoked bacon) and Bone Marrow Popcorn (with sea salt & gremolata). As far as the decor goes, “Dive” is really quite an inaccurate description – it’s a lovely modern bar/restaurant environment.

And now to my dining companion. There’s no one who quite appreciates the deliciousness of comfort food as much as my good friend Olivia, and she should know a thing or two about it since she’s the brains and talent behind Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop. We walked in knowing one thing – we were all about sharing and trying as many things as possible.

We started with duck confit w. avocado creme and queso fresco on tortilla chips.

Then moved on to the Bison Sliders with housemade pickles:

And of course, then moved on to the fried chicken with a side of divine mac n cheese:

Bad photo, but look at how moist that breast is! (TWHS).

The food was great, reasonably priced and the staff were super friendly. I would definitely come back and try more options, the menu also changes seasonally so there’s always something new to sample. I did learn however, that I’m not really a huge fan of bison, and will stick to regular beef burgers from now on. Why mess with a good thing, right?

Max’s also have an option on the menu to send your “compliments (Texas style) to the kitchen) by buying the crew a 6 pack of Lone Star for… $15.  Allow me to speak freely – I LOVED the idea of buying beers for the kitchen. I HATED the idea that a 6 pack of Lone Stars cost around $6 from a liquor store. Do the math and it seems as though Max’s are trying to make an extra buck or 10 off you under the guise of tipping the chefs. Wherever that extra money does go, I assure you that the price discrepancy was enough to turn me off taking them up on their offer.

Keep an eye on their website for lots of weekly wine specials, and they also have an insanely tempting brunch menu. Chicken and waffles? $18 Mimosa jugs?? I think we should go next time I’m in town, right?

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Posted on Feb 6, 2013


  1. It’s 7:14am and I’m hankering to try this place out but……

  2. Looks like a tasty place! :) I’ll have to check it out next time I’m in ATX!

  3. Mike says:

    The mac n cheese here is awesome, on about the same level as the Roaring Fork’s. Only the 24 Diner’s is better. They have one of the best burgers (Kobe or Angus), and their bread pudding may be my favorite rendition of the dessert.

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