The Goodnight

The Goodnight 

2700 W Anderson Ln
Austin, TX 78757 

It’s extremely difficult to write up The Goodnight without any reference to The Highball, considering they are both bar/lounges serving food, with bowling alleys and karaoke rooms. The main difference is, The Goodnight is still around (as Highball fell victim to the tyranny of “progress” development in Austin).

So “The Goodnight” – cute quirky lil name for a late night hangout, right? Yes, but it’s also the surname of the owner, who happens to be the great grandson of a very famous Texan cattle baron. This has no bearing whatsoever on the venue, I just love a bonus fun fact!

You will find that The Goodnight serves as a multi-activity hub, a kind of amusement centre for adults. Shuffleboard, table tennis, faux-poker and karaoke are all on offer, and the bowling is free from 11-4 on weekdays. You could comfortably come in on a Saturday afternoon and find yourself still entertained until the wee hours of Sunday morning.

I’m told this place is pumping in the evenings when North Austinites fill the venue to get their night time fun on. While the concept and activities are fun, I found the interior to be a little austere and cold during the daytime, where the all-grey interior seems more “formal, mature Dallas” than “fun, bohemian Austin”.

Let’s march onwards to the food, yes? I think you’re really going to like it. Proving that you can in fact never add to much cheese to mac’n’cheese, I present The Goodnight’s FIVE cheese mac’n’cheese.

Sexy large coils of pasta with grooves for the sauce to cling to, smothered in mozzarella, provolone, cheddar, fontina and aged asiago. YES! The combo of these cheeses resulted in a gooey, stringy but delicate cheese sauce, not overpowering as you would get if you used a blue or heavily smoked cheese. It’s the type of food you want to make a whole meal out of, eaten in front of a roaring fire while wearing your snuggie.

Summer had the crab cake sliders, and reported they were excellent. Golden fried panko crusted crab cake, served with arugula (did you know we call that ‘rocket’ in Australia?!) and lemon aioli.

The Goodnight offer a special weekday lunch menu, where all items plus a side are only $10. I chose the Texas Wagyu burger (sharp cheddar, caramelized shallots, arugula, horseradish mayo, brioche bun) and matched it with a wedge salad. Can more people get on the wedge salad train please? You gotta love any dish that can turn iceberg lettuce into a hero ingredient. Though, I would argue it’s the addition of the bacon crumbs that really makes it.

The burger was enormous and perfectly cooked, retaining a pink centre. Truly, this thing is a behemoth, so if you prefer your burgers to be far more meal than snack oriented, this is your place. If you’re feeling more adventurous than a standard burger, try their beef tenderloin sandwich with cilantro chimichurri and cream cheese or even the bison meatball sliders.

So, it’s not exactly a “quick casual drop-by” meal. And the bar is a bit fancy than divey. But you know what this venue would be perfect for? Brunch! I would totally gather up a posse and head up here for Sunday brunch. I would hole up in their “can’t tell if it’s daytime outside” dining room drinking $1 Mimosas, rolling some bowling balls down the gutters, snacking on some chicken-fried antelope and pretending Monday isn’t imminent.


*NOTE: Though I went to The Goodnight with friends fully intending to pay for my meal and drinks, the owner kindly picked up the cheque before we had a chance to pay it.

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Posted on Apr 16, 2013

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  1. Mike says:

    I’ve eaten over 400 different burgers over the last decade, and this is a great one. It had a unique flavor (in part due to the arugula but there was something interesting going on in the meat as well) and a healthy amount of char and juice. I don’t revisit many places, but I would revisit this one.

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