Fleming’s Steakhouse

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

 320 E 2nd St
Austin, TX 78701

The Aussie dollar has plummeted over the last few weeks, losing around 10c against the US dollar. And while that’s not as bad as back in the dark ages when my money used to be worth about half of the Greenback (man, tipping hurt back then), it means I’ll appreciate a good bargain even more than I already do.

This brings me to what may well be considered one of the greatest food and beverage deals in Austin – the “5 for $6 ’til 7″ menu at Fleming’s Steakhouse. For those not in the know, Fleming’s is a white tablecloth, wood panelling, manly-lunch-meeting-meets-dimly-lit-classic-date kinda restaurant. Not exactly the type of place I would have expected to activate a happy hour menu, but there you go. What they offer is five different cocktails, appetizers and wines for just $6 each, but the real star is the $6 burger.

Look at that, will ya? Proper china plate, brioche bun, Texas sized onion rings, cheese, bacon, a neat little ramekin of remoulade on the side… For six damn bucks. That is just cray. Y’all can see the full menu here (and look, it even includes Australian wine!)

This menu also makes for a great el cheapo date night. Fancy setting, small bill. Huzzah! Oh and while you’re there, you may like to ask your server for a couple of extra blue cheese stuffed giant olives. They’re the perfect pre-burger amuse-bouche.

Special mention to the incredible server there, Crissy. Not only is she a consumate professional, but she remembered my name and face a full year between visits…like a boss. That’s what old school hospitality is all about.

Final (and somewhat embarrassing) tip: make sure you grab a generous handful of their choc mint candies in the giant bowl on teh front desk. Stash ’em in your girlfriend’s purse if you have to, because they’re delicious.

Thus ends this instalment of “cheap ways to eat a 3 course meal”. If you leave a generous tip, you’ll feel less shameful.


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Posted on Jun 26, 2013

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  1. BlAddamasta says:

    You’ve got to love those places

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