Herby K’s

Herby K’s

1833 Pierre Ave
Shreveport, LA 71103

Shreveport is probably best known for it’s rather depressing riverfront Casino gambling and  houses which appear in the True Blood opening credits. Suffice to say, it’s not Louisiana’s biggest tourist drawcard.

I myself ended up there on a day trip from East Texas to visit the behemoth Bass Pro shop and pick up a turkey call and some slingshot ammo. No, I’m not kidding.

Now I’m in Texas… Now I’m in Louisiana…

Here’s another sample of the magical wares one might find in the Bass Pro. Camouflage dining set, anyone?

El Jeffe recommended that while Wiener and I were in town, we stop by Herby K’s for lunch. I can’t tell you how many beers I owe that man for the top tips he has provided me. Frankly, I’m kinda sick of him being right all the time.

You’ll nearly think you’ve taken a wrong turn and ended up in the unsavoury part of town when you head towards Herby’s. It sits off a main street full of abandoned old buildings, seemingly frozen in time. Keep faith, the row of cars out the front should be an indication you’re in the right place.

I loved this place from the moment I stepped foot in the door – cosy booths line the windows, or take up a seat at the low bar. First established in 1936, you just can’t fake years of memorabilia and knick knack accrual (take note, TGI Fridays) and even I ended up contributing an Australian dollar coin to the collection.

Oh and want a beer? No worries, they’ll just go grab it outta the giant cooler sitting in the vintage claw foot bathtub [LOVE!]

The cuisine is pretty uncomplicated, your standard diner fare (burgers, sandwiches, fries) peppered with dishes that are unmistakably Louisianan, like gumbo, boiled shrimp and the Frog Leg Dinner. Their most famous dish, The Shrimp Buster, consists of a heap of butterflied, battered and fried shrimp served atop toasted french bread, with fries. So, the only color you see on your plate is golden brown.

Nearly every item on the menu at Herby K’s comes in at under $10. And that includes some seriously (presumably) fresh Louisiana seafood. This bowl of étouffée served with crusty french bread came in at a whopping $6.95. Lookout now.

Also, PICKLE CHIPS! Just how I love em, crinkle cut and thin with a batter not breading. HOORAY! Notice that there were even a couple of bonus fries in the basket.

I’m not naive here guys, this isn’t exactly haute cuisine and chances are the burger might have been rather average, but Herby K’s is absolutely a “full package” venue. Very simple, very affordable, very genuine. Bolstered by great staff, an incredible atmosphere and a total lack of pretention. Wouldn’t you wanna eat there even if your grilled cheese was made with Wonder Bread? I would.

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Posted on Jun 5, 2013

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