The Best Stop

The Best Stop

615 Hwy 93 N
Scott, LA 70583

There a some stretches of road that make a road trip positively tedious. Like the very flat, very uninspired section of Hwy 71 that connects Austin to Houston. Aside from one awesome Buc-cee’s near Bastrop, there is very little to see, with a total lack of unique landmarks that would make you pull over and and explore. In a word: yawn.

Then there are memorable drives like the one from Baton Rouge to Scott, Louisiana. You cross over the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge, roughly twenty miles of raised bridge interstate over bayous and swamps, punctuated with spanish moss-draped cypress trees. It’s everything you ever hoped to see after reading all those Louisiana tourist guides. Once you’re through Lafayette, the entire concept of “car snacks” takes on a whole new meaning.

Though most of the I-10 corridor in Louisiana is known for it’s various boudin stops, the town of Scott has the greatest concentration of reputable ones and of course carries the official title of “Boudin Capital of the World”. Your best bet is to pull right off the highway and head about two miles north up to The Best Stop. And hey, they don’t call it that for nothin’.

The famous Boudin stores offer a combo of both ready to eat, fryolated goods and meat market offerings for you to prepare at home. The Best Stop’s refrigerator display cases are packed with all manner of stuffed, wrapped and seasoned porky products, including chaudin, a sort of cajun version of haggis, where a pork stomach is stuffed with seasoned mince pork.

Sure, they have all the staples you’d expect, like tasso, andouille, head cheese and of course boudin. Lots of boudin. A whole refrigerator full of frozen boudin. Probably because they sell 10,000 pounds of it a week. And for those not in the know, boudin is that classic Cajun pork & rice sausage (usually with a little liver and the Trinity thrown in for good measure). It’s delicious but the texture can be a little strange for the uninitiated.

Strangely, The Best Stop make no apologies for the fact that MSG is used in some of the products, particularly the Andouille. But hell, at least they’re upfront about it.

They also have some seriously tempting “probably could pretend you made  these yourself when your mates come over for BBQ” items like these jalapeño cream cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped pork tenderloins. Hell yeah! (PS, good news Austinites, you also have a place in town that now prepares over-the-top meat treats such as these).

Okay okay, let’s refocus. If you live in Lafayette, you already know about this place and probably shop there. But we’re just driving through on the way to a boozy weekend in the Big Easy, right? Ain’t nobody got time to drag no meat filled cooler around with them. We want tasty satisfaction and we want it now!

You must treat yo’self to a boudin ball (a boudin centre with a firm and crispy exterior). Like, someone actually thought “oh hey you know what? This stuff tastes so damn good that we’re just gunna straight up leave it out of the casing and get it into the fryer. Win”. And they were right.

But my absolute, complete, totally indulgent and heart attack inducing favorite snack is without a doubt this nugget of divine proportions:

These, ladies and gentlemen, are Cracklins. Incredible morsels of pork flesh, fat and skin chopped into man-bite size pieces and flash fried in yet more fat until you are left with an impossibly crispy and salty treat. They are more intense than a pork rind because of the fat and meat layer. You will find it exceptionally difficult to stop cramming your hand in to the bag, but you must exercise restraint with these heavenly chunks, otherwise you will make yourself ill. My advice? Grab 1/4 pound, chomp merrily on a few pieces then hide the bag away. A few hours later when future-you remembers you have more, you’ll completely love past-you for being so rad.

Oh and, make sure you have soda/water/diet Dr Pepper available. You’re gunna need it after that massive sodium hit.

The Best Stop? Damn right it is.

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Posted on Oct 18, 2013


  1. addie | culicurious says:

    Love this! We usually stop at Poche’s in Breaux Bridge (before Lafayette), but I’m going to scope this place out next time. Thanks :)

  2. Tim Patrick says:

    Glad you discovered The Best Stop. It is the best boudin, crackling and deli on the I-10. It is my first stop in the way to San Antonio from my home here in SW Louisiana. I pick up Cajun care packages – boudin, Andouille, tasso and stuff pork chops. Glad you made the stop at the best stop on I-10 at The Best Stop – exit 97

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