Ruby Slipper Cafe

Ruby Slipper Cafe

138 S Cortez St
New Orleans, LA, 70119

Here’s the best piece of advice I can give you about eating in New Orleans: plan everything in advance so you never end up wasting a meal at a tourist trap, and develop a strategy for TWO rather than three meals a day. I know that seems to be completely nonsensical when you’re trying to have as many food experiences as you can, but NoLa is a tough, humid city with intensely rich food. That, combined with the “it should nearly be a law” habit of imbibing ALL the cocktails, leads to some serious fatigue.

And so, I recommend a regime consisting of one excellent breakfast/brunch meal, and a kickass dinner choice, interspersed with adult beverages and snacks like boudin, beignets, fried gator bites and such.

My two fave spots for the breakfast part are Elizabeth’s in the Bywater, and Ruby Slipper Cafe, who now have several locations around town. Ruby Slipper is a wonderful choice for group dining too, – the menu is incredibly extensive and caters to all manner of whim.

Being a creature of habit, my ultimate breakfast plate features fried eggs over easy, bacon, grits, a biscuit and some Louisiana hot sauce. That’s it. Not particularly colourful, not particularly creative, but when each individual element is done right, it’s heaven. I’m completely obsessed with the grits here, I’ve been told the chef orders them from a tiny stone ground mill in Tennessee, and cooks them with cream. The result is divine.

Ruby Slipper also feature several house specialities on their breakfast menu, including BBQ shrimp and grits, house smoked salmon and Eggs Cochon (think Benedict with slow cooked shredded pork!). Every time I’ve gone, someone at my table always orders the Eggs Blackstone: poached eggs over applewood smoked bacon, grilled tomato on a buttermilk biscuit, finished with hollandaise. And I can assure you, it looks every bit as sexy as it sounds.

All the locations do get busy and generally have a waiting list, but IMHO, it’s worth it.

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Posted on May 23, 2014

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  1. addie | culicurious says:

    The Ruby Slipper is a favorite of mine. :)

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