Fuelled by an insatiable adoration for watching cheese melt over a flame grilled beef pattie, and swizzling a bloody mary with a cocktail skewer of olives, BurgerMary was born.

I’m passionate about Southern food, with a special place in my heart for Austin and New Orleans. I’m head over heels in love with all things Texas and have unequivocally earned my “honorary Texan” status. My fascination for Texas BBQ runs deep, and though I’ll never stop learning, I reckon I’m a bit of a pro on the subject.

I also produce an annual event for meathusiasts like myself called the Carnivores Ball that has been held in both Australia and Texas.


On this site you’ll also find strong opinions, home cookin’ recipes and photos of deliciousness.

Although I’m an honorary Texan, I am after all an Aussie, so don’t get weirded out when things are spelled with an extra “u”.

Jess aka Burger Mary.


Wanna email? You can reach me at:  contact@burgermary.com

Transparency Manifesto: this blog will always disclose freebies and commercial relationships (although they are few and far between). If I am approached to review or receive a free item I do not deem relevant to this blog, I will decline it. If I receive an item and do not like it, I will not write it up. I will try whenever possible to avoid writing negative reviews- I believe there is much more to be gained by sharing positive experiences.