Sites I Dig

…and reckon you should check out.

310 Fitzroy

Nifty lil site producing some amazing recipes by 5 extremely talented housemates

At My Table

Fantastic home cooking blog featuring old-school recipes and unusual ingredients

Austin Burger News

‘nuf said

Boots In The Oven

Formely an Austin blog, now the foodie adventures of a couple traveling around the world

Dude Foods

Everything you’d hope it can be an more. And they have a recipe for bacon weave tacos.

Eat This Lens

The incredible food photography of Marshall Wright

Fed Man Walking

Most excellent Austin based website written by Mike Sutter, features “50 burgers in 50 days”.

Full Custom Gospel BBQ

Because anyone who’s email addy is “Prophet of Smoked Meat” is ok by me

Gala Darling

One of the most inspirational and fabulous people I know who I am proud to call a BFF

Homesick Texan

A food blog that is so good, she got her own book deal.

Man Up: Texas BBQ

The guide to, well, all things Texas BBQ

Melbourne Gastronome

The bible of Melbourne food blogs

My Drunk Kitchen

Butter yo shit. And watch her videos. Possibly one of the funniest sites on the interwebs

The Burger Adventure

A guide to burgers in Melbourne and other locales. Featuring fabulous guest posts by me!